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Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership Posted on 10 Jun 2021

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership are working to promote additional and supportive driver training for Senior Drivers.

With the growing mature driver population, a large rural County with very limited transport links; it is becoming increasingly important for older residents to be able to keep their freedom and flexibility of lifestyle. Helping and supporting to drive safely longer, making those trips to the local supermarket and visit friends, even enabling them to make a safe visit to the local doctor's surgery or pharmacy is important.

To this aim, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership have developed a programme,  consisting of two parts, both practical and theory. The theory side is designed to bring senior drivers up to date with changes in regulations, sign changes and driving style changes; developing extra skills for early hazard recognition.

A practical drive will be offered at a later date. This is designed to meet the needs of a senior driver particularly looking at driving styles incorporating early hazard recognition. It is also an opportunity to practice those weaker area identified by the theory session.

The instructors used on the programme are very experienced, particularly as they have the skills to coach qualified drivers.

The programme is NOT a test, but is packed full of information enabling the senior driver to become a safer and more relaxed driver, extending their driving career beyond the point that they previously would have been unable to obtain.

Credit: Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership

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